TASK Performance recommend MasterTune, and Power Commander products for your injection upgrade.


1.  MasterTune - HD  

21st Century motorcycles need 21st Century tuning tools and this is the most powerful tuning tool available for your bike. This one tool contains 3 different programs including Data Master, Data Acquisition and VTune, a self-tuning feature!

Instead of using wrenches, an assortment of jets, screwdrivers, & a timing light, now we can use our computer to individually set each cylinder’s air-fuel mixture & ignition timing plus 22 other adjustable tables and parameters (dependent on your year and model). 

MasterTune-HD is a Windows-based ECM reprogramming tool tailored specifically for use with 2001-2009 H-D motorcycles that utilize the diagnostic interface. MasterTune-HD also supports 2005-2009 Retrofit ECM Service Modules when installed on earlier vehicles.

TASK Performance has the experience to tune for your exact cycle configuration and riding style. We can:

  • Save and restore the original factory calibration
  • Change factory speedometer calibration
  • Preset limits to prevent adjusting values beyond reasonable settings
  • Adjust front and rear cylinder spark advance
  • Adjust front and rear cylinder volumetric efficiency
  • Change factory RPM limit
  • Adjust for different fuel injector flow rates
  • Produce 2-D and 3-D graph tables to help visualize tuning maps
  • Print table graphs and table values
  • Compare functions quickly identifying changed regions in tables
  • Record vehicle engine data while riding or stationary
  • Retrieve and store all current and historic Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s)
  • Playback of recorded data allowing viewing of key engine operating parameters
  • Distance traveled and Quarter-Mile time estimating tools
  • Dyno graph of engine horsepower and torque based on recorded data
  • Export engine and Dyno data for analysis by spreadsheet or third-party applications
  • Print engine and Dyno data
  • VTune Histogram for custom tuning development 


2.   Power Commander®

What is Power Commander? The Power Commander is a fuel injection adjustment unit that plugs "inline" with the bike’s stock ECU (electronic control unit). The Power Commander modifies injector pulse width, ignition timing, front/rear cylinder fuel percent offset, acceleration fuel enrichment. 

Using this technology we are able to offer a large area of adjustment without making any permanent changes to the bike’s ECU.  Because it's a “piggy-backed” device that plugs into the factory ECU harness no splicing is required. It does not make permanent changes to the ECU and removal returns the bike to its previous configuration.

Each unit comes complete with software and cable link that allows us to change between different maps or make adjustments to a map file.


How much additional power will it give your motorcycle?
There are many variables to each application. The Power Commander allows for tuning to the perfect air/fuel ratio will ensure that the engine can produce the maximum possible horsepower for your given equipment combination.

Consider that a typical street rider spends a great deal of time riding in part throttle conditions. Shown below are two graphs of a motorcycle before and after installation of the Power Commander. The top graph shows the horsepower curve accelerating and the lower graph shows the corresponding air/fuel ratio. 

You can see a large horsepower increase between the two. The red curve shows a typical stock motorcycle with minor performance modifications (slip-on exhaust). The blue curve shows that same combination with the Power Commander installed and you can see that the line is nearly straight. 





Nobody rides their bike on a dyno. 

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