Repairs &  Rebuilds

TASK Performance work on all Harleys, but specialize on Shovels, EVOs & Twin Cams.


We offer guaranteed motorcycle repairs. Everything from minor to major. We have the personnel, experience, and equipment (including our own machine shop) to fix it right. 


We also provide complete rebuild services. Engines, transmissions, or the bike-in-a-basket job. 

Professional, quality work. Delivered on-time & at the agreed price. Guaranteed.



Warranty Policy


We are a small motorcycle build and repair shop. We make our living through our labour charges, plus a reasonable mark-up on the parts that we research, source, supply (and sometimes stock).


More and more customers are coming to us supplying their own parts. We know you have the option of ordering parts off of the internet. Just go to a web site, give them your credit card, and hope there isn't a problem.


And often a customer will talk to us about a project, get our recommendations, and then bypass us and order the parts from another source.


We understand and respect that customers have options. Consequently we have had to reassess our warranty policy.


Complete Projects

When we supply all parts and labour we warranty our work for 30 days.


Labour Projects

When we supply labour and the customer supplies parts no warranty is offered.



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